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Ebook Series

michell pulliam - Women's Mindset Coach

Elevate Your Thinking Ebook cover.jpg
Elevate Your Thinking!

Want to know the secrets to getting your big dreams off the ground? This short ebook explores simple mindset shifts and tips you can use to help you go from just aimlessly going through life, to living your life at its highest potential. 

Flourishing & Thriving EBOOK cover.jpg
Flourishing & Thriving 50 and Beyond!

Age is indeed a number. And what we make of our years as we get older, is totally up to us. Women in their 50s have several things working in our favor. These are the very things that open the door to us flourishing and thriving—catapulting us to our greatness! This short ebook is filled with tips to get you there and beyond

Mental Health and Wellness Ebook cover.j
Mental Health and Wellness for the Mature Woman

Entering your 50s can be a time of ups and downs and knowing how to handle them is essential. Turning 50 can be the best time in your life as you open the door for change and embrace opportunities. This short ebook will show you how to take an active role in your physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive well-being, to live a full life.

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